aditional crane upgrade

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adding a few more options to a crane would be useful.

my ideas currrently are a lift, and a claw (which have been suggested in walker - the heavy duty vehicle)

a claw would be of course able to lift things, you would need to press Q long to activate it or deactivate it.

the lift is a little more complicated.

it will have a rope (such as tethers but stronger and better looking), and at the lowest piece of it, it will have a connector.

the connector would have the abillity to create 4 more rops, one to each corner of the storages, and will be able to lift it up.

you will also be able to connect a tier 2 module or tech to its connector.

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Hmmm I’m really liking this and i can definitely see this being added with how you can replace the actual drill part with other things

i have a suggestion were you can pick up research with the claw and put it on your storage just to save time and effort (also it would be awesome feature)

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