Light slivers in cave 25m underground

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A light, possibly from the surface, appears to be filtering through the soil of Radiated and projecting onto my cave wall.

Pesky photons need to leave my cave alone!

Background: Radiated is my third planet, and when I saw that tornadoes have a penchant of passing by every thirty seconds, I decided to take my base downstairs, make a small underground bunker, then dig a hole from the bunker into the deeper caves. (The gray hole in the center is the opening to the deeper caves.)

Two possibly related issues appear to be worsening with each successive planet: 1) my character catches on the terrain in points, requiring me to reroute or jump; 2) the leveling tool is unable to terraform small areas (Barren) or snapping to a nonsensical grid or confining itself to linear movement in others (Radiated).

My specs:

i5 quadcore 3.10 GHz

1060GTX GeForce 3GB RAM


Steam / Windows 7 SP1



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Sorry to say, but these are all issues that have persisted in the game for a very long time. I have no idea when they will get fixed. Because they aren’t “high priority game-breaking” in nature, my best guess is, it could take awhile :(

The “light appearing from nowhere” in caves, even at great depth, I can assure you I’ve seen that in just about every game I’ve played (which I’d estimated would be dozens at this point, I’ve played hundreds of hours since Jan 2017). Idk where those light slivers and shadows come from, probably some artifacts from the coding process but I don’t know anything about coding or game development so n idea really. Many people have complained about the difficulties in flattening terrain (esp in making a “glass smooth” surface) on the other non-Terran planets. Afaik it has to do with something about those planets being made up of less polygons, so it’s more difficult to find the right “plane” in which to smooth, as well as other factors I probably don’t understand that cause the tool to snap back and forth to points in the terrain, making the process very difficult and frustrating. I’ve found something similar occurs on Terran as well once ypu move far away from the spawn location (home base), the terrain looks fine but the terrain tool will skip all over the place upon attempting to created a smooth surface. Last but not least, your Astroneer character does indeed sometimes get stuck on what appears to be “nothing at all” but for whatever reason they will not continue forward unless you jump or alter direction. Afaik it’s been this way, all the way back to when I started playing. That was Patch 118 iirc back in January 2017 during early pre-alpha days, so yeah that’s been around a very long time :P I guess I’ve become a bit accustomed to it. I have my character jump along as they run anyway, it’s probably something I’ve unconscoiusly adapted to, tbh. There are many of these little quirks and minor glitches (another one is how Tundra or sometimes it’s a different planet will appear “sliced up” in the skies over Terran, have seen this occurring more commonly in this latest update) I’m sure the Dev team has a huge “laundry list” of these items to take care of, and they’ll get to them before release. Right now they’re working on larger concepts, delivering new game content, and fixing bugs that cause significant issues with gameplay. :) 

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