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I suggested this a long time ago ....

( was very bad at making model then ....)
Maybe I show revive this post ......

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Something like this would be great, so I'm going to try and emphasize what I would want out of a system like this. I know that for me it is a major issue that once you begin getting too deep into the cave systems progression almost grinds to a halt, because you have to travel a massive distance while being able to only carry very few items. It would be great if you could use a system like the power couplings are currently to build the rail system. Also, I would like the rail cars to be set up similar to how rovers are currently where you can build them, and add storage and other things as you please. Also, I would like a way to be able to call a train to a specific point by interacting with a rail "coupling." Also, it would be nice if a rail system could act as a power coupling of its own to link bases, because any rail system like this would already need the ability to transport large amounts of power for the train, so if you could use them as power couplings it would be extremely helpful. 

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