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So, I bought the game only last night, and have been loving it so far! My issue was, as I was alt-tabbed and idling near my base (using Steam, mouse+keyboard), I heard a storm coming and some rocks hitting me. I managed to tab back in and enter the habitat, but when I checked back after the storm had passed, I realized I was relaunching a new spaceman, meaning that I had somehow died. The gear on my backpack was scattered in odd ways around the habitat: small windmill and solar panels I picked up off the ground, but the oxygen tank, tethers, fabricator, work light, and boost mod were oddly embedded in the habitat's texture as pictured below. I'm not really sure I can reobtain these items like a normal death, which really stings for that tank!



Tank and Tethers clipping through wall


Work light and small fabricator (?) attached to each other?


Boost mod floating behind the seat

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Another odd detail: now when I leave the habitat, I come out popping through the roof, I'm guessing because my old body is somehow still colliding with me.


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I can confirm this, as the exact same thing happened to me.

I was holding E to enter, and during that time I got hit by a rock, so I died inside the habitat. I cannot reach my old backpack which is inside the habitat as shown. Nothing scattered, though. I also stand ontop of the habitat when exiting.

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In my experience, when I’m launched above the habitat like this, it means there is an object stuck “within” the habitat itself. I guess it’s causing some sort of collision to occur, the game registers this, and causes your character to “eject”above the habitat instead of leaving the habitat normally on ground level. I think the Devs will need to address this at some point, and I suspect they do know about it but haven’t had a chance to remedy it yet.

When this happens, sometimes I will be able to save and get an odd view of the interior of the habitat, which will clue me in to what object is stuck so I’ll know what I need to be looking for. I’ve never had an entire body (as in the contents of an entire backpack) to deal with thankfully, but I have run across the “disappearing item” bug where you’ll attempt to place a small item like small solar, organic generator, small wind turbine etc on the ground but something goes awry and the platform doesn’t properly generate or some anomalous movement causes the item to get flicked into mid-air instead (so the game thinks you’re trying to place it into an invalid location I guess?) so it often doesn’t reappear right away, but when it does it may appear “inside” the habitat which isn’t a good place for it to be.

There is a way to fix this, at least most of the time in my experience, but it certainly helps if you know what you’re looking for and exactly where to look. Most of the time as I said I’m missing one small item, and I’m able to see it “inside” the habitat when I save the game because it generates a very bugged view you normally don’t get of the habitat interior. Luckily these small items tend to have their platform carts sticking out of the bottom of the habitat (at least in my experience) so here’s what I do. I angle the camera low so I can inspect under the habitat. I usually will spot the “wheels”of the cart underneath for the offending item. Here’s where it can be a little tricky. You need to grab the item and pull it out from under the habitat, but you need to line yourself up with it so you’re not facing one of the sides that has the power cord or else you’ll end up grabbing and pulling the cord in and out, over and over again, which won’t help at all. If you face one of the other sides where there isn’t a power cord, hopefully the “select” ring will catch on the upper portion of the item (this is only applicable of course if it’s an item like small solar which is what I’m talking about, if it’s a resource or other type of item then I suppose the orientation doesn’t matter but then again I haven’t encountered that sort of problem so I really don’t know) and you can grab it and pull it out (into your backpack or just to place somewhere secure). I hope this will help someone to clear their habitat of an object that is causing them issues when trying to get in and out. Of note this hasn’t been an issue that’s actually interfered with the game save process, but it can be annoying for sure. 

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