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The idea of an odometer was proposed by user Marck late in 2016. I wish to take the idea further:

The Odometer would be a craftable widget that fits in a Tier-1 mount. It will only function, however, if mounted on a vehicle or backpack slot. In this way, the Odometer will record distance traveled through walking, driving, or aerospace flight. If the Odometer is mounted in an Astroneer's backpack who is also riding in a vehicle, the Odometer continues to record distance traveled, just as if it was mounted on the vehicle. The device is equipped with an internal power source, which is used solely for the device.

The Odometer's display is always visible when hovering over it with a mouse, but while functioning, it will display above the vehicle or Astroneer's head to whom it is attached. The display shows distance traveled up to 6 decimal digits and one fractional digit (like an Earth-made automobile). This means that while traveling to other planets, the Odometer will "roll over" many, many times. The widget supports the "use" function ("E" key) , which would reset the distance to zero.

The main purpose of the device would be for navigation, which explains why the display is always visible while in use. A secondary use is for entertainment and curiosity.


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I don’t see why not also nice design

(i picture this being built into the side of the backpack so you don’t have to craft it)

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