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[IDEA] Nerf Starting Base Internal Power Generator

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The always-on, 0.5 unit/second, power generator takes away some of the entertaining beginning challenges of the game, in my opinion. Changing the type of generator to even a small solar panel would help to bolster the survival challenge in the initial phase of the game. My personal taste in gaming would be to have no internal generator present in the base. Perhaps the best solution would be to have a selection of starting load-outs to fit the player's wish or aversion to survival challenges?

Some of the more interesting times I have had in the game is when I started a new satellite base on the radiated planet, and I did not bring any power supply with me. Printing a small generator on my backpack and feeding it the sparse organic material I could find just to power my terrain tool was fun and interesting. I would like to see more challenges like that in the game.

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