Report: - Steam - Spiky balls

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Summary: - Steam - Spiky balls

When I walk away far enough to the spike balls, they don't dissappear but they start to levitate in the air and freeze, when I walk back to them balls are falling down and continue to roll.

Steam / XBox One / Windows 10 Store

Version / Build Number:


  • OS: Windows 7 Ultimate Service Pack 1
  • CPU: AMD Phenom(tm) II X4 965  3.42 GHz
  • GPU: Sapphire Radeon R9 280 Dual X-Boost 3GB
  • RAM: HyperX 2x8GB DDR3 1600Hz 
  • Drive: Seagate BarraCuda 1TB 6Gb/s SATA (ST1000DM010)


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