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My friends and I have been thinking that there are lots of items with "small", "medium", and "large" in their titles, but there aren't always all three of the same thing. There's a small solar and a solar panel, but it would be helpful, more comprehensive, and more consistent if there was a large solar as well. Other examples:

Large Storage and Medium storage but no small storage(could have 4 slots instead of 8)

Small fabricator and medium fabricator but no large fabricator(could make a large hab like the one starting on terran)

Small battery  and Medium battery but no large battery ( maybe use medium fabricator to make it, put it on a large platform)

Medium Rover and Large rover but no small rover (maybe just two slots and a seat, segway type)

Small generator medium generator but no large generator( maybe hydrazine->power)

And if something is too useless, just use small and large (for example, a small platform would be useless, so rename medium to small and keep large that way the naming is more comprehensive)

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1 hour ago, theastonmartin said:

Great idea. It would be very helpful to make tiny storages with the backpack printer early-game.

Yep and if it were a "1 slot" kind of object so you can connect it to the sides of Medium Platforms it would be the best! 

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also pls,

Huge Battery

Huge Rover

Huge Wind turbine

Huge solar panel

But thinking of game play, these are NOT possible to print at planet but you have to order them to that platform where you get starting items. Using research points (Bytes) or Astro Credits ;)



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Just saying there’s no need for the large storage on the platform any more(i think I didn’t count) becuase you can just put medium storage on it but i would like to see large generators and such becuase with the game saying medium storage with no small storage really bugs me and i would like to have my inner perfection its satified

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