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Now I know this is a little fast with the suggestions but deal with it, I have an endless imagination and I get it from my mother... But I'm going to touch up on planets and what you should and shouldn't use....

Water planet, (something similar to a game I will not mention) but basicly a nearly 99% water covered planet with tropical islands and scary fish, this is a good idea

Lava planet, although it sounds cool and dangerous it would be hard to pull of and not worth colonisation (a lava planet would give you a reason to add diamonds)

Pitch black planet, (a planet lost in darkness with hostile mobs that use sound and scent to find prey) this is possible by setting this planets path behind another planet thus bidding said planet from the sun

Multiple suns,(giving a planet more day time than darkness) this is good for an easymode

A planet full of natural disasters and barren of any life what so ever, including plants and research material (this planet would be a good excuse to abuse players, and to add something like a weather shield)

Larger planets (these are to improve living with other players) although fighting with other players is in avoidable

Rockets/Transportation between planets with a longer range to get to further away planets

More planets that spawn in the Solar system and random solar system generations (makes it more like Minecraft)

Dying star( this could be made an objective of the game, forcing players to escape the dying star or to stop its death)

Frozen over planet (this gives you a reason to add a thermostat to the game making it harder for players to survive, it also adds a large quantity of ice)

Active Hostile planets/passive hostile planets/ and peaceful planets.... This is just a given and a kind gesture to the player.... (Give us a break I hate those grey mushrooms so much)

Passive hostile planets, (this includes planets with a high amount of plant life that can kill you, and natural disasters including some bad weather or rock slides)

Active hostile planets, (this includes planets that consist mostly of hostile life forms, and hungry ones at that)

Peaceful planets,(it is as its called, peaceful)

There are a few other ideas like a planet consisting of mainly trees like the exotic planet but mor like a massive range of trees with less small vegetation and hostile plants and some passive life forms instead....


These are just some ideas, and again this is your game.... But I suggest you stay away from any planets that might be impossible to live on or have no use...




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Two things I don’t agree with two suns becuase suns have are the reason planets stay were they are and two suns would litteraly end with them sucking them into each other making a huge star and maybe a supernova


and as well as dying star I don’t like becuase astroneer is all about exploring and putting a time limit or at least a feeling of a time limit would ruin the feeling of exploring at your own pace


(I’m on edge about darkness planet becuase sounds like alien isolation and this isn’t a horror game)

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Cleaning up here.
Be sure to stay on topic and stick to the rules when posting. Always be friendly to your fellow forum users.


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Posted (edited)

Yes, sorry, I just don't like others who act like their mannerisms are any better than mine,

And sorry for being rude, Its not like I enjoy making people feel bad, its just I was raised to tell the truth no matter how it made others feel, and that lead to my current self... •-•

I will try to be less rude..... I can't force others to take my words a certain way....., 

And I like to state that these are only my opinions as to say that I'm not trying to force others to see the same way as me....

Also people need to take astronomy, -.-

Edited by Lucalian
Because editing is easier than posting a second time

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