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Hello, I think that walker machine could be a good endgame feature.

A machine that would have four legs instead of wheels, based on large rover body. It would go a bit slower than rover, but would be more stable, environment ressistant. And the best feature would be its ability to stick to walls and ceilings with magnets. Magnets would drain energy, but player could get out of dangerous situations with it, crawl out of a hole or get through a steep hill/valley. Also, walker machine could ba a "super-rover", about 1.5 length of large rover and with six legs.

Why I see it as a promising idea: Rovers for now (march 2018, patch 0.6.2.) are non-intuitive, and player has to fight with it constantly to not rollover or drive into a hole. That's due to game's weird interpreting of where we want to drive - A walker machine would just go where we point to, "w" would mean forward, "s" backward etc, and if we pointed camera to a side, go sideways. It's an advantage walker machines have over wheeled machines, they can move in all directions.

Also walker machine could be a big reward for player's hard work resulting in an universal utility vechicle. Walker could also take the place of "mobile base" idea with an option to settle him down.

The picture explains the concept better. I've also included some minor ideas for vechicle and base modules in the attached picture as: Cistern, claw, walker's feet, hydrazine generator and AI-worklight. It's all explained in detail.




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do you think you could put a little more detail on this idea?

good lord. that's more work than i did in my actual job most of last week. these devs should be paying you. but they wont, so don't go hoping. looks interesting, though, as  well as properly developed, smartly reasoned, well presented.... goddamn it i'm going back to bed. just can't compete with the kids these days....

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I've prepared another picture for this thread, I wanted to put more sense in the parts i've introduces so i'll make a few more later.

Everything according to the cistern and hydrazine generator is explained in the attchment.


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Holy crap i thought some of my ideas were detailed


I really like how detailed you are with this at first i was on the no side of this but i was convinced other wise becuase of this cause of the shear amount of detail (quick thought make it so you can store regular power instead but wont be worth as much as the hydrazine so as you can imagine it would eat threw it). And i have a idea were when climbing on the walls you can have little claws come out of the legs to anchor your self on and not use power, and if u want you can repel down (your character automatically starts to repel)


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Hello, I've managed to draw a concept-contour of Walker machine and claw, although while making the picture, an uptade was released, I didn't have a chance to play cause of reasons, so I'll revise all my work accordingly when I play the update tomorrow. For now I have just this picture explaining a bit the concept of claw and shows a simple build I've titled "Scrap collector", this set could be used to manage all stuff in-base or in-field, like moving base part by part, redoing it, collecting stuff from around crash-sites like the unfamous huge solar array or maybe scrap, and unknowns,. It would be cool to see players move stuff around with this heavy duty set. I kinda personally dislike the HULK-POWER that astroneer posseses, I have literally once moved big solar array quarter of the planet to my base just by just bumping into it, it took me few minutes. But if astroneer's physics engine gets more fun and balanced we might someday need a little help from big boys.

The rest is in the attachment.


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Was just thinking this same idea. A Walker would be perfect for the more rugged terrain were vehicles can't go. I agree that it should be slower, but should feel more evasive against the environment (no mountain will stop me!) I would continue will a small and large version, with the larger version being even slightly slower. Storage space on it would be a must, as it wouldn't be able to pull anything up inclines very well (unless you think it could). I feel this would be a great alternate to the wheeled vehicles and would allow more personalized exploration of the planet. The ideas above are great. Thank you for continuing to progress on this great game.


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I love this idea,!

Honestly I was going to suggest something like this,

Well actually I wana suggest a mobile base but...

I love the idea of something a little more grounded to earth/whatever planet your on.... Its a nice Idea and more detailed than what others have posted....

Although a lot of people may have thought about this idea, I like this one the most.... I mean what I drew up was completely different than yours, but again mine was ment more like a mobile base....

I decided not to post mine because it didn't fit right....

Killer art BTW.... I'm not bad my self, but when ever I show my work, I usually end up showing people my sketches not my finished work..... Lol

The walker fits the game art more than my motorcycle... 

Even tho motorcycles are honestly way to hard to fit with the art style, I think I can come up with something a little more,'

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