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smelter effects on Tundra

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i've been needing some confirmation on smelter effects. regardless of my graphics settings, the smelter has no flame on Tundra. i finally found enough resources to test on other planets, and it's fine there... only missing on Tundra. can anybody confirm this, or is it just my less-than-beastly computer having a particular issue there and i should just live with it?

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I noticed this on Radiated. After moving to Radiated from Barren on a second attempt to set up my base (3rd base in solar system), I noticed the smelter smelting without flames. All my graphics setting are on ultra.

Haven't yet confirmed if this bug is star system-wide for me, now.


Steam / Windows 7 SP1

i5 quadcore 3.10 GHz

1060 GTX Geforce 3GB RAM


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