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Please Help: Power problems (Xbox One - Early Access)

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Hello fellow world creators... 

Could someone please point me in the right direction?  I have power problems. 

I love the updates, save one. When connecting power between my buildings initially, ALL had workable power represented by the "yellow band." I was able to research, create structures, etc. Then, I did a little bit of redecorating and rearranging only to find that when I reconnected everything (in the correct way) most of the structures where left with no power. I now have "black banding" (or no power at all) passing between the couplings. The only way I can get anything to be powered is with collected power modules

1. I have several solar and wind modules in connection, or on structures. No power.

2. I have even tested each structure by connecting it directly to the Home/Hub capsule (with my solar/wind modules) and still no activity. All of my structures are not functioning. 

3. I have had a friend visit to take a look and he confirmed I hooked it all up correctly. Further, when I watch streams online, I hook up units the way everyone else does.

Or maybe I am missing something. I would really like to figure this out and not restart another world after I put so much time in on this one.  

Any ideas? Is this happening to anyone else? 

On another note, hooking up power with the extenders needs to be a bit easier. I plan on sending a post of helpful suggestions and hints, and to be frank, movement an manipulation needs some fine tuning. At times, it can be quite frustrating to place something how you want it. (more on this later.)




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If I've understood everything, It's a bug. Report in the bug section using the example bug report topic to help you. 

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Thank you, and I will do that. 

Update: I was able to work around the bug simply by rebuilding the five structures I had made. A loss of resource, but it wasn't too big of a deal. I was able to keep my two medium platforms for storage use in my base, and the other three structures are piled up in a near-by graveyard. For the record, it is a Smelter, a Research and a Mineral Extractor that all went to the wayside. 

Note: I am not sure if it was the culprit, but as soon as my friend joined my world (multiplayer) the structures stopped working. Not sure if the bug is related to multiplayer interaction. 

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