A rethink is needed for how solar panels work

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With the new Base Building update, it has changed the way I start a game. Here's what I do.

Start game. Collect resin, organic & compound and create a generator. Create tethers and a canister. Collect as much compound as I can carry and turn them into tethers. Head to the north pole. Once there, you are 99% guaranteed to be able to have permanent power using solar panels. The reason for this is the planet rotates around the sun with the sun always reasonably high in the sky when you stand at the north pole (the same does not apply for the south pole). Generally, there are mountains that block the sun, but this has no effect on the solar panels.

With this in mind, it makes wind turbines almost obsolete. Even if you want to build an underground base, you just connect a whole bunch of extenders from the surface to your base underground. Yesterday, I started a new game using this technique, and I was able to fill 1 large platform with small and large solar platforms. It supplied all the Permanent power I could need. :)

Sure, you don't have to play this way, but the fact that it can be done so easily makes me think that solar panels should stop working when the sun goes behind mountains.

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I do agree with the fact that solar panels should be able to be block by mountains builds weather ETC. but it is scientifically correct for the North Pole to have basically constant sun light (i wont bore you with details)

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