Medium rover disappeared and i lost most of my items(mostly titanium)

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basically i have to start over again because the first time i lost all of my personal dead body inventory when i came it just disappeared like *poof* when i saw it so i lost all of my titanium and stuff.

now i didnt only lose my personal items because i was exploring far to find titanium and items and i got them and when i tried to enter my 3 medium rovers that were connected the wheels just started flying and so my rovers flew too, i died because i was far far away and when i tried to look for the icon while i was in space there wasn't it completely disappeared now i dont have 20 compound and i cant go anywhere because i dont have nothing so im very mad because i lost like 8 titanium nowhere to go without compound and nothing i want to play the game but i cant just cant i lose all of my stuff over and over im afraid now because i might lose everything the third time and i dont know if i have to open a new world


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Same thing happened to my save. I landed on atrox and was about to unlock the last surface node (purple thing) to get the secrets of the universe achievement. But I was killed by a hostile plant. Instead of spawning in my large shuttle, I spawned ALL THE WAY BACK ON SYLVA!!! It’s so annoying because I was so close to the achievement and now I lost all my stuff. To add on, my friend was still on the planet, and when he tried powering the last node, the rover flew in the air. When he finally found it, he climbed inside, which caused the whole planet to disappear in his side and he was forcefully disconnected. He can’t join anymore for whatever reason and I find the game not fun when progress gets stopped by glitches. 

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