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Power Switches and Splitters

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I saw someone talking about it on discord and I might have an idea how it might look in the game.

The splitters might be something like cubes with four power sockets around them. On the bottom is a slot like other modules have.
If the splitter is set on the floor it gets a base like other small modules (wind turbine, solar panel) but if it is placed on a base it can take power from the bottom slot and may distribute them through the four power sockets and vice versa.
The splitters can be stacked to build something like a splitter tower or vertical power strip.

The switch might look like a splitter with only two power sockets on opposite sites and the top slot is exchanged (for the fun) like a huge illuminated power switch.
Turned on power may pass this module, if turned off no power will pass.

But now, as a bonus, comes the funky part:
If a switch is placed on top of a splitter(tower) it controls all modules below it.
Attention: But if a splitter is placed on top of the switch it turns into a simple true/false logic switch. If the module(splitter) on top of the switch is powered the switch itself turns on and allows power passing.

Currently there's no use for such a logic switch but who knows what comes.

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