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Hello guys,

I really like the new ways of basebuilding, and to have more flexibility (and less cables), I'd like to have a form of wireless energy transmitting. So here is my idea:

There are two items you need to create a wireless energy system: A sender and a receiver.

The sender requires a double slot like, for example, a medium solar panel, and converts the energy it gets from the platform it's placed on into invisible wireless waves with a limited range.

The receiver (which requires a single slot and can also stand alone and be connected to something, just like the small solar panel), receives those waves and converts them back into "normal" energy. It can be placed on anything, like the other single slot items.

This is a sketch I've made to illustrate my idea.



What do you guys think? Do you have anything to add to this idea (material costs, maximum range, ...)? Please let me know.

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Wireless energy while cool is a bit op so here’s my idea its very late game and its a giant tower that has multiple layer you need to build until it functions based off of Nicola Tesla’s idea that requires no receivers but has a limited range. Maybe this could be directed so it has a longer range but only in one direction??? (Its basically a huge tower that’s transmitts power into the air and anything that metal can recive it(he was a awesome scientist seriously google him)

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