Idea for late game use of the Cargo drop

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so my idea is that you use the cargo platform to access the trading hall where you can trade with other players. 

you can trade rescources, research items, or cosmetics!

cosmetics would be an uncommon find in crashed satellites, or when you finish research on an item with (lets say) 500 bytes (the more bytes, the rarer the cosmetic) and you would keep your cosmetics when switching between saves. they could be things like headphones, a cool particle digger, or a beanie with a particle effect! you could have an unlock thing where there is a multi-dimensional transmitter that's quite hard to make, that you need to add on to the cargo platform before you can trade, so to stop hat farming by creating a new world again and again and again.

you could have special versions of hats that are coloured or that have a shiny effect that are much rarer than the normal ones (like painted hats or unusuals in TF2)

you could also have a community thing where you can make your own hat and if it gets added into the game you get two rare limited editions of it, one for you and one for your friend! maybe these could have a special particle effect!


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I like the idea of hats but i think it should be a unlock thing by doing a achievement and while your in Your HAB (its what i call the new pod thing) you can pull up a menu to change it to your liking but different hats can be harder to get. Also this is a chance for astrononeer to add in achievements


but I’m not sure if the drop area would be a place for trans system trading but it would be cool to see it as a way to launch materials from one planet to another so you have all the materials you need when u arrive

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