Storage - where are the chests/banks/dressers/boxes?

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So, in my house... I have many boxes.  And chests of drawers.  And closets.  And shelves for boxes.

Storage might even be a universal thing.  All over the great wide world, there are boxes and chests.  There are compartments on the space station, even.

Why not have chests?  Just to be different for the sake of being different?  non-conformist?

Some ideas are good, no matter what game they're in.  Chests/boxes/enclosed storage is a good idea and gives great flexibility for organizing content in GUI as well as expansion.

If all the doohickies can shrink to fit on our backpack, they can shrink to fit in a chests too, right?

Please--- chests of some sort FTW!!! 

Cheers :-)

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Don't want chests, i suggested a better alternative to resource management and storage.

A station that's twice as big a research station, surrounded by glass that you put your items in, these are sorted, shrunk and stored automatically for you.

It can hold 100 items or more, it has a panel that tells you what you have inside and a small conveyor when you remove items.

It will work the same as those Japanese car parks or look like the vx gas rocket formation from the rock film.




car park.jpg

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Oh, storage woes. you do realize that you're supposed to be using all this raw material for cool stuff, not hoarding it away for emergencies and impersonations of Smaug?

is it worth pointing out that a perfectly effective storage system for resources that you aren't using does exist - it's called leaving them in the ground. sometimes i just flag resources with a beacon for later and get on with what i was doing.

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