Wheeled attachment for platforms

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Been playing the base building update and was thinking about mobile bases. I thought it would be cool if we could unlock the ability to add a Wheeled base that the new platforms could be attached too. They couldn't be drive-able by attaching a seat but could be hooked up to a rover and pulled. Maybe make it so that the small rover could only pull 1 row of platforms and the medium rover could pull 2 rows side by side.

This way we could drag a research station or other modules while exploring, minimizing return trips back to our home base. Modules would still need power to operate. Power is easy above ground and this would give us a use for the abundance of power found underground in caves (I've been leaving most of the power I collect in a hole at the entrance of any caves I explore). As it is now I spend a lot of my time running back and forth to the base to "unload" my rovers (usually filled with research pods). I find myself not fully exploring large cave systems because It takes a fair amount of effort to clear a path for a rover and I can find enough stuff to fill my rover train within a short walking distance from the cave entrance. Even when i do bring an inhibitor mod and build paths for the rovers, I find myself filling the rover quickly and still making many trips back and forth. I would love to be able to "process" some of this stuff 

I would also love a large soil container, that needed to be placed on a rover or platform (about the same size at the medium storage) that could hold about 10+ canisters of soil. This way I could stockpile soil for building roads in caves without having to bring 5+ canisters with me 

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Maybe make each "rover" platform consume power each to move so you need to bring batteries and power generation. Also make them slow trains instead of the speedy rover exploration vehicles. 

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