Excited to see what my 4 year old creates!

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She was really excited for No Mans Sky, but my PC didn't run it very well. We've been looking forward to this since I first saw it on Giant Bomb, and I showed her a few other videos.
Her little brother has space man pyjamas, so we're all ready to go ;)

Normally, I have a one game at a time rule for her - and we've been slowly working our way through Pikmin 3 (which is great, because it has the days mechanic to give me an easy ending spot for each session) - but I'm happy to make an exception to the one game at a time rule for this!

Might be worth streaming our play sessions too :)

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We are playing on the xbox, and I ran into an issue with the audio of the stream. Was also running into performance issues after as short as an hour of play - so I have been waiting for the patch. With that coming as soon as today, I will try again to get the streaming audio issue sorted out.
I'll do a couple and see if moving them to a youtube channel :D

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6 hours ago, Funkeneer said:

I wish I had this kind of games when I was little

Yes and no. I have very fond memories of the games I used to play as a kid, even though they didn't look as fancy as today.

Alleycat.png  :x

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