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I just finished my fifth base in Astroneer Alpha for Xbox.  Your game has the potential to be one my all-time favorites.  The list below are 13 things that can help get it there.  Many are already on your roadmap or list of suggestions, but I’m listing them anyway because why I want them may lead to alternate solutions than the ones I thought of.  Plus, collectively, they’ll demonstrate which ones a particular gamer has interest in over the plethora that others have submitted.

1.       As I’m sure you’re aware, the game crashes consistently around every 15 saves.  Please deploy an update to address this ASAP so we can continue playing Alpha without so much frustration until the next major update.

2.       Implement map, GPS, radar, waypoint system.  It’s too easy to become lost and, while bouncing around in the rover is fun, the novelty wears off after the first hour – especially while towing a monstrous solar array.

3.       Extend save system.  It’s great that you give us multiple game slots where each is a completely new Astroneer, but what would really be nice is multiple, infinite saves per Astroneer with the ability to provide and edit a custom name for each.

4.       Base building/editing:

a.       Delete/recycle structures – I ended up being content with the Fuel Condenser and had no use for the Hydrazine Catalyzer.  I prefer the fun of seeking out resources rather than using the Trade Platform.  I ended up using them as holders for Medium Storage.  I’d find much more value in a platform to hold storage.  Or better yet, a container that would let me easily transfer to and from personal inventory.

b.      Undo last action – Accidentally clicked one of the resin holograms when trying to extend a platform, which built it instead.  Had to quit and reload.  Accidentally clicked the icon above a new, unplanted habitat that was sitting next to my shuttle.  It’s now permanently stuck there at an awkward angle.

c.       Rotate structures – Didn’t get quite the right angle while extending from habitat so now structures overlap and rotating would solve the problem.

d.      Truly flat  - I know the alignment mod is supposed to do this, but either I can’t get the hang of it or it’s not working like I want it too.  I want to use it to start a base, making a spot that’s flat to the horizon.  Then I want to use the default flattening feature of the soil gun to spread from there.  It works okay, but each time a structure is placed, it sinks into the earth or is positioned above or below the rest somehow, requiring frequent re-flattening, and there are slight, triangular deviations that prevent it.  It’s fine as long as you’re not going far, but even if you’ve flattened a huge area and start there when re-flattening, by the time you reach the other end of the base then you’re at a completely different height than the surrounding terrain.

e.      I started my last base as described above, but it still ended up being built on a slope.  When extending from the habitat, the platforms slid down the hill on their own making it difficult to extend in a 90 degree layout.

5.       Screen movement – OMG the lag is killing me! Lol.  If I’m not moving a thumb stick then the screen shouldn’t be moving.  I don’t know how many times I’ve ended up accidentally dropping something or attaching it to the wrong spot because the screen was playing catch-up after changing the camera angle.  If that’s difficult to implement, then one thing that would help in a MAJOR way is being able to press a button that immediately freezes the screen.  Similarly, double-clicking it or clicking a different button could snap the camera facing directly forward, which would help while driving and immediately after launching into orbit.

6.       Rover movement:

a.       Update suspension – Countless are the times I’ve had to flip it upright.  The thing bounces way too easily and while that’s fun for a bit, I’d rather spend that time enjoying other parts of the game.  Update the suspension to easily absorb the impact from most rocks or, better yet, give us a hovercraft/land speeder that clears them altogether.

b.      As I mentioned above, let me press some button to center the camera since it dictates direction of travel.  The screen lag makes controlling it very difficult at times, which is frequently very important when you’re teetering on the edge of a deep cave or ravine.

7.       Slowed Astroneer movement while holding items – Do they really need to look in the direction of the item they’re holding.  It makes it near impossible to run while carrying something from point A to point B and oxygen is precious!

8.       No launch icon above shuttle after saving and then loading again.

9.       It’s awesome that you let us tow a behemoth solar array back to base and connect it, but can you make it to where I can mount it to something so I’m not spending hours pushing and pulling it to and fro through a combination of Astroneer-dug trenches and Astroneer-made vertical supports just to get the thing in a close enough and correct position to connect it?  It was quite the feat and, despite hours of effort, a storm still blew it out of optimal position, but luckily didn’t disconnect it.

10.   Make large storage and crane un-mountable – Once they’re attached to a shuttle or rover then they’re there to stay, which means I need multiple rovers depending on what I want to do.  Would be nice to only need one and configure it as needed.

11.   It would be nice if we could attach the rover to the shuttle somehow – It would make exploring landing zones for potential bases SO much easier.

12.   I know it’s probably not the case, but it sure seems as though the day/night cycle leans significantly more towards night.

13.   I want to build a base in a cave to eliminate having to find shelter so often during the frequent storms, but don’t want to run extensions outside for solar and wind.  Can we get a new geothermal energy structure?

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