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Hello, everyone!

I'd first like to say that I just bought the game on Xbox and it's absolutely fantastic. I can't believe how addictive it is!

One thing I'd like to suggest though is that perhaps the storms could be an option which could be turned on or off. For me, they don't really add anything to the game and I find them to just be an interruption. However, I had read on a forum somewhere that some people like them and would even like them to be more severe; perhaps even causing damage.

Having said that, I'd like if there were an option to simply turn them on or off but there could also be options for how frequent and how severe the storms are.


Just thought I'd put in my two cents. Love the game!



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I don't always quit when a storm comes, it depends on how long I've been playing, if I'm at a sort of lull in gameplay, if I'm frustrated by lack of progress, etc. So lots of variables for me, but that's just me. But I do often quit on a storm event, that's for sure, and I wouldn't miss them if they were to up & vanish :P I do know some enjoy them and they're seem as adding some "realism" to the game (for what its worth). Doubt there's any chance of them being removed, even optional in the "main" game experience. The Devs have put a lot of effort into refining storm mechanics & effects, plus they've talked about further developing the storm experience. That means adding in more varied types of weather and other "hazards" (open-ended concept at this point, but you can check the road map for more). It might include storm damage, but that's not afaik a given, or might be included as an option if there's a survival mode developed for the game (some are interested in such a mode, with hunger, thirst, fatigue, etc, but other mechanisms would need developing for the game as well, like cultivating some form of foodstuffs, potable water, although I do believe water or at least liquids are on the road map when terrain is updated not 100% sure though, but overall a survival mode would require several ancillary systems to be developed beyond the core game).

That doesn't mean its out of the question. For the core game, expect the storms to stay. But many players have expressed interest in a creative mode, and Astroneer seems well-suited for such a mode of gameplay at least in theory (some players have indeed demonstrated amazing creativity in Astroneer already, however this has become more difficult due to recent updates, most notably "limitations" placed on terraforming, which went from complete freedom in use of the terrain tool to very restricted use bound to mandatory use of soil canisters and soil collection, something that becomes much more of a nuisance if creative endeavors are more your thing). In such a mode, typically one can toggle off (or the default simply doesn't include) impediments to the creative process. For Astroneer, surely this would include game mechanics like storms, hostile flora, and anything else added later to the game that might meet that criteria. Overall I would imagine it would operate similar to Creative in MineCraft, where again the game basically removes mechanics that would otherwise hinder your ability to craft to your heart's content. While in Creative, for example, you no longer need to cower in bed or keep yourself surrounded by plentiful light at night, lest the monsters come attack you (and destroy you hard work) while you build your temples, secret away untold treasures, and so on :) 

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