Terraforming for Breathable Atmospheres

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I think it would be interesting to create a new modular device that if installed at several points around the planet would begin the process of creating a breathable atmosphere.  This wouldn't necessarily create a huge leap for developers as the only real modification to normal game-play would be the removal of the necessity for the tethered airline all over the planet.  The devices could be as intricate as the developers wanted to make them, requiring a lot of resources at each location, and it would force the player to explore larger regions of each planet that they wanted to terraform.  This could also introduce weather features to some planets that might not have any right now, as well as plant-life, etc.

I currently have about 130 hours in on the game, and absolutely love it!  But I am finding that once a pattern of development is established at each new location, the "thrill" of the exploration isn't as high as at the beginning.  Creating new challenges for advanced users might be a way to combat "drop-outs".

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