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No Astroneer Left Behind Challenge

Your Astroneer may die however to continue your quest you must retrieve his/her back-pack and its contents. If your Astroneer dies and you can’t find him/her you must begin this quest over again. Once/if your Astroneer dies you must find/try to find your dead Astroneer first before any additional research/gathering/building etc. can begin again. You can’t create tethers, air tanks, etc. After you die you must use what you have already created to get you out of the predicament you’re in.

You may also set a predetermined number of deaths you will allow yourself before you must start a new challenge/game. The point is to make a personal goal and see if you can achieve it.

You must build a “museum” to display all research pods/cubes/minerals/seeds/crystals. You must be able to post a pic (or a couple of them) of all 34 that can be found here:


You must qualify to receive a Medal of Logistics
Gold Medal 1,000,000 bytes
Silver Medal 750,000 bytes
Bronze Medal 500,000 bytes

Single Player


End Game:
Your Astroneer can die however you must retrieve his/her backpack & contents before you can continue this quest. If you can’t find your Astroneer nor retrieve all his/her back-pack items you must start this quest again. You must have collected all 34 research pods and have a way to display them so they can be verified. And finally, you must have earned a Medal of Logistics by saving bytes.

You can die and not retrieve the backpack if you choose. People that are new to the game or are far more casual in their play may not want to play with such strict death restrictions. The point is to play your way with goals and targets to reach/save. There is nothing to stop people from doing this in MP as well.

Questions? Comments?

I will be beginning my quest today 1/29/18 at High Noon EST.

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If you need to start making artificial "quests/goals" to sustain your interest then the game is essentially done for you...

This happens all the time in games & some apps like Pokemon GO; the players have plateaued and are grasping at straws in an effort to keep the game "interesting" and keep themselves "motivated".  If a game was an enjoyable and rewarding experience but you've done pretty much everything there is to do without resorting to repetitive play, then that's the signal that it's over.  There's no reason to flog a dead horse and try to extract "more" enjoyment from it.

There are myraid great games out there to experience, give something else a try...

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When a player keeps playing a game, then the game is obviously still interesting to the player.
When a player keeps playing a game, then the player is obviously still motivated to play the game.
When a player keeps playing a game, then the game is obviously still an enjoyable and rewarding experience for the player.
When a player keeps playing a game, then there is obviously still something to do for the player.
When a player keeps playing a game, then the game is obviously not done for the player.

If any of these statements were not true, then why would a player keep playing a game?

I am sorry for being off-topic here, but I felt the need to point out the obvious.

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How do you stop all 34 from floating off into space? I was thinking of making a sort of giant shelf, but everytime I came back to my base the RO's have fallen through it or rolled away.. lol.

As for the rest.. that's a normal game.  The challenge really is to not use tethers.

It occurs to me I could make 34 research modules...

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