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Water World

I'm going to divide this idea into Six parts so you do not get confused :D

Introduction and presentation of the planet:

Based on a real planet called Gliese 1214b also called WaterWorld

It is completely covered by water without a terrestrial layer on the outside, but if there is a terrestrial layer inside the planet, (probably 70% water and 30% land layer)


                                       (Illustrative image)

Survival mode on the planet:

making survival more complicated due to lack of oxygen since the planet is mostly water makes the survival of the player more complicated.

also adding "the depth and pressure system"

As it happens on Earth, the deeper it is in the ocean, the sea or the lake, there will be much weight for the subject collapsing, reducing the ability to breathe or killing the subject directly.


Depth: In this part when falling to the water will reduce the oxygen of normal form as if the player has disconnected of its base reducing the oxygen of the backpack.

High depth and high pressure: In this part the oxygen of the backpack will be reduced double or triple the normal speed reducing the view to a dark tone by the high pressure .

Obviously, when the bar reaches zero oxygen, the player will die because of suffocation.


So, how is it possible to place a base in the middle of the ocean with no land on the surface?


Type of bases and modules:

) Marine Platform

Here I contradict myself, but to create this base and add the modules we would need parts of land like small islands to sustain themselves

this would be a level 1 platform with basic construction objects                    


And finally we come to this:


2°)  Floating Habitat

In this type of base we will have our habitat floating in the middle of the water with some types of floats

When you enter the planet, the parachutes in the air will open to decrease or reduce the shock between water and habitat


And finally it looks more or less like this, the storage and the modules can be added to the floating habitat like any base in the terrestrial one adding floats also.


But how is it possible to be displacedif you can not walk or run? 


New appearances and movements:

Diving Suits

replacing the astronaut suit with a diving one using the "Mark V" model from 1918, since it completely covers the body from head to toe as if it were a reskin of the astronaut suit but can only be used in water.


It works as a complete replacement of the space suit for a full movement in the water to deploy at the same speed for example walking and running

58efec96b7ce8_nado1.gif.8f2ddce354920ba657c8fe7f11d9f815.gif.9780a719cdf89a048b826e772cb82cbc.gif   Using swimming animations to perform the movement and deployment of the player

It may also go underwater but will reduce oxygen with the depth and pressure system explained above.

Natural Changes:


this I like more like a wink to the planet "Kamino" of the saga Star Wars, It also works as a warning of thunderstrom



This is more dangerous than the normal rain due to electrical lightning that if it falls on one of the base objects it could deactivate them for a few minutes and if it falls on the player it is death assured


volcano submarine
This was an idea of "Utopic Vision"

in the little amount of earth that there will be in the planet there will be movements of tectonic plates and they will carry out violent explosions and eruptions coming from the volcanoes, and would give the possibility of generating land in the outside.





The submarines can go directly to the bottom of the ocean with load energy, like any terrestrial vehicle without having problems with the system of depth and pressure.

The submarine could implement the tools and storage that are implemented in the other vehicles (cars, trucks, space ships).

But that does not mean that you have a submarine and problem is resolved there will be rocks at the bottom of the planet that can clog your submarine and you will have to risk your life to use your Deform Tool to remove it (this may be optional)





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Love it.... still.
We may have to wait a fair bit until we see anything like it in the game, tough...
And thanks for mentioning volcanoes, even though I haven't even thought about them appearing as in-game events!
Ring me up when we can finally go on to a diving adventure in Astroneer :)

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it's like the game of sabatica. I also thought about a water planet. want developed have been able to create technology such planet to create. Could pictures of Sabatini to take. so cool and explained to all

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