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Fuel Condenser doesn't fill canisters automatically.

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Hi there,

Fuel condenser used to start filling a new canister when the previous one had been filled up, i usually put  medium storage units on the sides of the fuel condenser with empty canisters, the fuel condenser automatically picks one and starts when you give the order, then you have to manually remove the filled canister and it picks another to start filling, i remember it was an automatic process as long as there were empty canisters and energy available, you didnt have to remove the full canister manually.

Edit: playing on steam version, win 10, CPU i5-3570k, 16GB Ram, GPU GTX 1060 6Gb

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    I noticed this issue on Xbox One as well, and couldn't figure out why it will automatically fill multiple canisters sometimes, and other times I have to manually remove them.

    I have had some luck though. Might try this as it seems to work on Xbox One, may work on steam as well:   If you have multiple canisters you need to fill and don't want to have to manually start each one, let if fill the first canister only partially, then remove it and replace it with an empty and put the partially filled canister back onto your medium storage. 

    For whatever reason, this seems to make the process completely automated until all empty canisters, including the partially filled canister you removed, are completely full. It's what I've been doing anyhow. It's obviously not a solution to the problem, but it may be a work around. Hope it helps.


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