Satelites in the underground

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Will it ever be addressed how and why there are so many, and so intact wrecks of orbital satelites scattered on the surface and especially throughout the underground? It's always bothered me. There are no creatures capable of carrying them or pulling them. Did the plants move them there, or did random storms blow them into the cave systems and bury them half a kilometer under the surface?

I feel this needs explaining at some point.

In my opinion it would make more sense to have the underground wrecks be not satelites or telescopes, but rather broken digging probes designed to chart the planet and its composition prior to the arrival of the astroneers, but this is trailing too close to the borders to the suggestion forum.

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It's just a rough outline, but the backstory could be how the satellites got underground.  In another thread someone asked, "What if you could find a PDA or journal that gave info like who you are and why your there?".  Then I incorporated his idea with the backstory into a scenario where the devs somehow give us access to the space station log. 

However the log by itself wouldn't give us the whole story.  Then we would find the journal of a dead astroneer... it would be on the dead astoneer's backpack, or a separate device found near his body.





When this solar system was discovered, a space station packed with gear and astroneers was sent to explore it.  Upon arrival, the space station deployed all of the satellites they brought.  And several astroneers were sent to the various planets with most of the gear from the station. 

An asteroid field was detected rapidly approaching the solar system.  So the station left orbit to a safe location until the asteroid field had cleared the solar system.  The astroneers already on the planets could not get back to the station in time, so they took shelter in caves.  As it turns out, when the station reached safety it was determined that the asteroid field was moving through the solar system in waves.

The asteroids caused all their satellites to crash (hence, we find crash sites scattered all around).  Between the asteroid waves there were periods of calm... like the eye of a hurricane.  These periods of calm were not long enough to allow the station to rescue the stranded astoneers.  However, those brave souls who were sheltering in caves emerged during the calm periods.

They managed to drag several satellites into the caves in an attempt to salvage anything that would  keep them alive.  Perhaps in a future patch, we'll find a half buried rover with a winch nearby one of those "cave satellites".

By the time it was safe for the station to return, sadly the astroneers who were left behind had all died (hence, we find dead astroneers in caves).  The astroneers remaining on the station carried on with the mission.  Since most of the equipment was lost to the asteroids, they are having to start from scratch.



Station Log



Stardate:  3691.1222 - Six years after a deep space probe discovered this new solar system, designated NGC-314159265, our expedition has arrived.  Of the five planets in this solar system, only one has a moon.  We have chosen to place the station in orbit of this planet, which we have named "Terran".

Stardate:  3691.1228 - All scanning and relay satellites have been deployed to the various planets.

Stardate:  3692.0124 - Individual expedition members have been dispatched to each planet, including the lone moon.  As a contingency measure, four members will remain on the station.  A basic equipment inventory will also remain on the station.

Stardate:  3692.0209 - Several supply drops enclosed by pressurized cushions have been deployed to each planet.  They contain basic resources to assist the expedition members.

Stardate:  3692.0317 - We have detected a rapidly approaching asteroid field that will affect the entire solar system.  Station Emergency Protocol is now in effect.  The station will leave orbit to a safe location. 

This really caught us by surprise, and it looks like the expedition members will not have time to return to the station before we have to leave orbit.  The expedition members have been instructed to shelter underground until the asteroid field has passed.

Stardate: 3692.0318 - Contact has been lost with all expedition members.  This is most likely due to the relay satellites being disabled by the asteroids.

Stardate:  3692.0321 - The station has reached a location outside the path of the asteroid field.  After further analysis, we have determined the field is composed of waves of asteroids.  While the gaps between the waves are relatively empty, the gaps do not provide a big enough window of time to return and rescue the expedition members. 

At this point, unfortunately all we can do is wait for the asteroid field to pass... and hope our brothers can hold on until we're able to return.

Stardate:  3692.0411 - We have returned to Terran orbit, but still no contact with any of the expedition members.  Myself and the three remaining station crew will take the basic gear we have left and carry on with the mission... and of course search for any survivors.






Stardate:  3692.0317 - Received emergency message from station... asteroids approaching.  The good news is, they're taking the station out of orbit to get to safety, and will return when the asteroids are gone.  The bad news is, they have to leave immediately and I can't get back in time... wonderful.  So I'm heading for a cave to ride out the storm.

Stardate:  3692.0318 - Found a place deep enough that should be safe.  I'm feeling the shockwaves of the asteroid impacts on the surface... seems pretty bad.  I hope my base doesn't get destroyed.  I wonder if the guys on the other planets are getting hit this hard?

Stardate:  3692.0320 - The impacts have stopped.  Going topside to check it out.  

Oh man, what a mess... almost nothing left of my base.  I can't get a signal from the station, and I know why.  I see one of our satellites.  It's not a comm sat, but I bet they were also taken out by the asteroids.  I'm gonna take a look around and see if I can salvage anything.  I hope those boys on the station get here soon.

Stardate:  3692.0321 - I guess it ain't over yet... because more asteroids are hitting!  I'm heading back to the cave.

Stardate: 3692.0323 - The rumbling has finally stopped again.  But could there be more?  Probably why the station hasn't returned yet. 

So my plan is to find as many of those crashed satellites as I can, and drag them down here.  Maybe I can cannibalize some parts to put together something I can use.  You can bet I'll be moving with a swiftness.  Judging by last time, I'll have about one day of calm before I have to take shelter again.

Stardate: 3692.0405 - By going up during the "eye of the storm", I've managed to grab a few satellites over the last several days.  Actually there have been a few eyes of the storm.  But no word yet from the station.



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My theory is that it was an uncharted system, the astronium scattered through the planets and in the star causes distortions in hyperspace.  These distortions pull ships even dozens of lightyears away off course making it a kind of stellar Bermuda Triangle.   The "Luckier" ships hyperspace drives fail earlier leaving them dropping back into normal space crippled and crashing helplessly into the planets or star.   The less lucky ones drives last a little bit longer, not failing until they return to normal space within the planet.

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