More Things to do and Some of My Ideas

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The one thing about this game is that there aren't too many things to actually "do". Once you complete all the research, Its pretty much like, "I can either prepare and set up another base on another planet, (without much to gain or discover, more than I already have) or I can start a new game." 

To help give players more things to accomplish or complete, here are some of the ideas I have come up with today:


Soil Density

- Different types of soil have different types of mineral in them, so extracting mineral from a specific type of soil can extract more compound, and less lithium. Even using a mineral extractor is useless to obtain rare metals like lithium and titanium unless you use soil from deep enough within the planet, or on a planet that has that resource already abundant on the surface, which would mean the soil is rich enough with that type of resource that it can be found on the surface.


More Resources ( that haven't been foreshadowed)

- Resources like Gold, Silicon, etc


Research Upgrades/Tiers

- Some of the researches have levels, where once they are researched, they can be leveled up with more bytes. Leveling a research up would give small new additions. Certain researches cannot be completed until the player has reached another planet, and obtained an artifact or "sample" that can only be found on that planet


Backpack Upgrades

-Backpack upgraded to hold slightly more oxygen or power, without using tanks/batteries. 10% to 50%  increased power/oxygen upgrades. +Backpack storage upgrades/attachments that slightly extend the storage on a backpack. jet-pack to replace the seat glitch, still allow movement at high speeds, add some restrictions. PLEASE!!! WE REALLY WANT A JET PACK SO WE CAN TRAVEL WITHOUT CHEATING :D , and speaking of that, maybe some more uses for hydrazine early-game + late game would spice things up.


Large Printer

A printer that uses a LOT of resources to print things like large batteries, that can hold 4 time more than a medium battery. Large (non vehicle) storage, a big cylinder with 32 connection points for items. Large solar panels (with extender for high point). Base walls / Dome to protect any enclosed areas from storms, and reduces dust/wind. Medium / Large soil containers instead of trucks loaded with a lot of small ones + soil tube, to transport soil from the tool, directly to the container. the soil tube would work like the base connectors, and can be printed in sections.


More Power-demanding tech

technology that takes a LOT of power for massive scale things. for example, a nuclear reactor that uses the equivalent of 32 medium batteries of power to generate one resource. another example is a huge drill, that digs a very wide hole in the planet straight down (very slowly, constantly requiring massive amounts of power per layer excavated. In return, may fill a lot of soil containers. or one big soil container, and collect resources. 


Terrain Tool Mods

for excavation, create a mod that removes soil in more organized sections/cubes, so that the player is able to excavate in a more orderly manner, easier to work with.


Other Stuff

Lava? Meteor crash sites? Factory/automated tech? small wind mills are weak.. It would be nice if they could generate a tad bit more power. - Wind patterns/places that are always windy + jetstream.

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Also, I know a lot of people want creatures to shoot at / fight. This isn't that kind of game, which this game has so much potential. I don't want it to be ruined by something like violence. If they take that step in and actually add aliens and what not, that would ruin the whole idea of peaceful space exploration. Even if they took a step back and removed such aliens and less peaceful content, the game would still never be the same or fully recover from the lasting effects. go create your own games for that.

What I mean to say is, I like the way that this game is going, and I also think that the game right now should have enough open space to add in new stuff, without making it difficult to add other content in later. Everything kinda works together and is cross dependent. If one thing works one way, that would affect how everything else works. Adding in aliens would make it impossible for some ideas that come from the peaceful exploration view to work. The Ideas that people suggest shouldn't take away the purpose of things that are already in game, or planned to be. This may explain why they havent added jetpacks, either that, or its not a high priority. When I come up with suggestions, I try to avoid anything that would take away potential, or not allow other ideas to work along with it. Say If something like aggressive aliens were added, that wouldnt allow players to just go in to any cave and start mining. now they gotta start out with some sort of weapon to fight it off with. that means that a whole bunch of resources would become tied to making certain weapons. In that case, you would have to cautiously mine and prepare to go to another planet to get the right materials you need to make that weapon. Oh no, a space ship just flew over, hopefully they don't see you, and destroy your whole base. Obviously, the more you think about it, the more and more "things" you will have to add to allow some things to work with the idea of "aggressive aliens". eventually, everything else that's already in place will have different purposes that take away potential or focus it in areas where they shouldn't be. Eventually, the whole purpose of the game will digress away from peaceful exploration one way or another, which is what we do not want. We want to add things that would allow for more possibilities, non violent ones of course.

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I feel like i didn't explain the soil container thing very well. I think that large soil canisters printed from the medium printer should be added. 

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