Trade Platform Economy + Research Points Currency

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I would like to see long term economic goals. A market system in which you could buy, sell & trade items using research points as currency.  The trade platform connects to a database outside of game that everyone playing Astroneer in the world could interact with. Any other avenues that would allow long term goals on a multiplayer level I am eager to hear. 

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I also was thinking about this for end game once research has been completed. I was thinking a new base module that could package data into hard drives/data storage container, that can then be placed on the trade platform and traded.

I do love the database and connectivity with other players idea!

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I like this in theory alone but really figuring out how a whole market will work I think would actually be bad.

I like this idea in a multiplayer server where you could designate research points (preferably a different currency) to others in the game who could do simple trades if they have thier own storage areas.  That is very late game development and a very long way off.

Reason I am against ouside server is because games can start and stop constantly in the current version.  Some might be very advanced while others are just starting.  If a game is very advanced it will bring down the price of starting materials and it would be better to just trade for them.  It creates a market that will have to be controlled by them while if you have a market inside games it can be a little easier to control.  I 

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Yeah it'd be nice if that was a thing.

Before they changed the resource (the update where they added the graph onto the Chamber not the RNG one) I had all the research and nothing to do with Bytes.

Being able to package them into a harddrive (Say every 1k Bytes = 1 Compound, since that's kinda like a currency) and using it to trade would be cool

Better yet tiered drives, each needing more Bytes to unlock but storing more and therefore are worth more

Every 1k Bytes would be 1 COmpound

T1 could be 500 to unlock and stores 1k

T2 could use 2k to unlock and stores 4k (worth 4 Compound)

T3 costs 4k and stores 8k (worth 8 Compound)

T4 costs 8k and stores 16k

T5 costs 16k and stores 32k

T6 costs 32k and stores 64k

T7 could cost 64k and stores 128k (Anything past T4 is really only for people who have way too many researches working at once though, but still)

And finally T8 could cost 128k and store 256k

Doing that would be a welcome addition though.

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Connecting to an outside database would require the game to always be online, which is something most people don't want unless they're playing in multiplayer. It would have to function in a way that can also work offline, which can potentially drastically change the prices between online and offline.

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