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GPS and Mapping System Ideas

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I know people have been asking for a map a lot, but I think that this idea would fit really well.

First, you would have to print out a GPS (maybe with a mini printer added later, or just through your backpack). The GPS would be able to track x number of objects, such as research objects, rovers, players, or places on a map. Unlike beacons, the GPS would be opened up and show a short range map with dots representing the things you've tagged. When the objects are too far away, it shows an arrow pointing in their direction. The second tier of a GPS would be a stationary map that sits at your base. The map would show the dots, but it would be a much larger range. To expand the map, you would have to travel (incentivizing exploration) and place markers that are similar to beacons, but don't output a physical signal. The more markers you have, the more area you are able to see on the map. Finally, a third tier would be a stationary map station that shows terrain, topography, beacons, markers, players (with their names), artifacts, distances, can map way points, and had a legend. I think that making the maps stationary would be a good way to encourage player-to-player interactions, as one person would have to stay at the map, while the other would travel in accordance to what the operator says.

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Yeah, people have been begging for a GPS system since the game was released (December 2016).  As to why there is no GPS in the game by default... it's looking more and more that the reason will be woven into the backstory of Astroneer    The context of the game is that the astroneer is basically starting from scratch, so a GPS system should have a high barrier to entry. (see the possible backstory below for the reason why the astroneer is starting from scratch).

Whatever system is implemented that makes navigation easy, it should be something that requires several steps to build.  Simply extracting bytes from research pods, and then unlocking a complete navigation solution would be a cheesy move by the devs.

For example, in order to unlock the blueprints for a new GPS satellite, the astroneer will have to find a crashed GPS satellite on the surface (or down in caves).  And it would have to be an actual GPS satellite, not one of the other type of crashed satellites which contain resource nuggets, a seat, or solar panels.  The devs have already confirmed certain blueprints must be obtained from items found out in the world instead of through research. 

The astroneer will have to process the fuel (ammonium) for the satellite.  He will also have to spend research bytes to unlock the launching platform for the satellite, and maybe even the command & control firmware a GPS satellite would require.

It will interesting to see what mechanic the devs come up with for getting the blueprints out in the world.  Maybe it will be similar to that one type of satellite which has a research pod embedded... the astroneer will have to remove something from the crashed GPS satellite which contains the blueprints.

Possible Backstory



When this solar system was discovered, a space station packed with gear and astroneers was sent to explore it.  Upon arrival, the space station deployed all of the satellites they brought.  And several astroneers were sent to the various planets with most of the gear from the station. 

An asteroid field was detected rapidly approaching the solar system.  So the station left orbit to a safe location until the asteroid field had cleared the solar system.  The astroneers already on the planets could not get back to the station in time, so they took shelter in caves.  As it turns out, when the station reached safety it was determined that the asteroid field was moving through the solar system in waves.

The asteroids caused all their satellites to crash (hence, we find crash sites scattered all around).  Between the asteroid waves there were periods of calm... like the eye of a hurricane.  These periods of calm were not long enough to allow the station to rescue the stranded astoneers.  However, those brave souls who were sheltering in caves emerged during the calm periods.

They managed to drag several satellites into the caves in an attempt to salvage anything that would  keep them alive.  Perhaps in a future patch, we'll find a half buried rover with a winch nearby one of those "cave satellites".

By the time it was safe for the station to return, sadly the astroneers who were left behind had all died (hence, we find dead astroneers in caves).  The astroneers remaining on the station carried on with the mission.  Since most of the equipment was lost to the asteroids, they are having to start from scratch.



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4 hours ago, gbt8964 said:

Didn't realise you'd just posted this, I had a few thoughts too I just threw up in another thread.


Nice idea!

Thanks! I definitely want to see it implemented! And, seeing as many people want it, I think it can be done :)

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