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  • Drill
    • Needs a mod slot opposite from the collection port, mainly for an attaching worklight.
  • Mineral Extractor
    • Needs to have a larger sediment capacity, denser elements should not take hours to coordinate raw material at the base. The production should still only be 8 at a time though.
  • Base Building
    • I feel that the new platform system is nice, but would benefit greatly if they only allowed for 45° angle adjustment instead of 1°. This would make bases much cleaner. If nothing else add it to the settings menu, as an option for snapping base platforms.
    • Large Storage building. A Rectangular Prism that is 8 Ports high and 2 Ports wide on each of the 4 faces of the prism.
  • Vehicle
    • The vehicle tires should lock into place when there is no driver, or attached to another cart that also has no driver. Park Brake.
    • Allow for rigid tethering between vehicle segments.
  • Camera
    • Settings Menu item that allows adjustment of camera sensitivity(Looking around), or when using the cursor function(LT[X!], Crane Arm, Aimed Hand Tool)
  • User Interface
    • When using hand tool and crane w/ drill a sphere of influence overlay would be helpful.
    • A popup over power objects when they're not generating power and why. Especially when they are in a situation that should call for them to be active. (Turbine Gen.)
    • Less loading screens, One Screen for title and One Screen for save.
    • Allow for pack use in vehicle.
    • A foggy map that is partially revealed by orbiting, and fully revealed by exploring. Opened in pack like the research terminal.

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