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Hi, first, my English is not the best, just a warning.

A thing i miss with this kind of game is an endgame.
I thought about it for a minute and came up with a goal i would like to have and be able to complete.
this would be to return to Earth! could look something like this;

So you are stranded in an unknown solarsystem in an unknown part of the univere and wants to go home, but how?

1. The first step-goal would be to leave the planet and maby send up a satelite to scout for rare minerals on your starting planet / research about Cosmic radiation / make a starmap etc. .

1.2 Building a monster rocket to escape gravity and lift your spacecraft to explore your solarsystem, or build a moonbase to ease the lift-of of your spacecraft, or build an orbiting space station and build it in space. To have multiple ways to complete the goal is nice. somewhere here a big scale automated mining / producing base would  be requied ( I love factorio =) )

1.5 Find debries from your old ship and figure out where the nearest outpost is

1.7 Go around in the solar-system to collect rare minerals that you need for your Deep-space station. Doing it with thousands of drones collecting on planets or a big ass mining station that eats asteroids.

1.9 Colect energy from the sun, from planets cores, Fision power or fusion Power. all would have their different pros and cons.


2. Leave the solar system heading for an outpost. different ways to leave:

- With a big self-substaining station that can make it to the next solar system (Focus on building it big).
- With an unmaned drone ship carrying a teleporter, requires a shitload of energy (Focus on science)



Contact me if you would like discuss more ideas, can give you a ton more

Best regards




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