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Right so let me just start with stating that this game has left me absolutely bewildered to the point where I am edging off of my seat waiting for new updates to come through. A huge well done guys, even with the few features this pre-alpha game has it's so mesmerising and an absolute pleasure to play for hours. 

Key Ideas + Implementations: 

- Different sources of power generation:

I'd love to see perhaps geothermal generators being implemented into the game where we could use the planet's heat to generate power. This would work really well if perhaps volcanos or bodies of hot magma were to be implemented as part of the natural disaster scheme. With that said, I'd also like to see chemical power generation or nuclear power generation via new elements that could be implemented with radiation etc. Also, perhaps water mills as water is probably the most key thing missing from the game, manipulating water to cool reactors or generators would be absolutely awesome. 

- More natural disasters:

I'd love to see acid rain, volanic eruptions, asteroid showers, and tornados that muddle everything you leave unplugged from the sockets. In addition to this I'd like to see ways to perhaps build around the base and set up reinforcements with titanium walls etc. 

- Research farms:

For example, if you could winch the plants that generate a researchable ore and bring it to your base in order to replant it so it regens ore would be pretty damn useful. It'd be a good feature to keep the player playing. 

- More vehicles!: 

I absolutely love the idea of using vehicles to transport objects around but would love to see more types of vehicles, perhaps space shuttles/spaceships which could again be customised using the vehicle bay. Also any vehicle that would let travel to another generated planet would be great!. 

- Features:

I would like to be given the option to delete modules or connect them to other modules using resin. It would just be so much more convenient if we didn't have to rebuild module links or power up a chain of modules separately due to one mistake. 

I would also like to see the power being supplied past the habitat into other links not just 2 or so. 

- Bugs I'd like to see gotten rid off: 

. Everytime you make a module to create a new work station if you're standing close to it you'll get stuck and the only way to get out is to exit the game to main menu and reload your save. 

. Sometimes the modules get disconnected if you select for example a printer in the between of two other modules. This makes it very annoying to try and power them seperately to everything else. 

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7 hours ago, Embrace平 said:

I'd love to see more natural aspects being introduced to the game, especially ones which impact the player directly such as the things you mentioned. Excellent thread, full of great ideas:)

creative name:)

lucky for me i can speak chinese

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55 minutes ago, Embrace平 said:

It's supposed to be japanese for peace but the end two characters didn't add to my name.

well it means peace in chinese

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