Authoring tools/Workshop contribution?

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Something that I would personally love to see in this game is some sort of authoring tools to create in game modifications or content such as planets. Being a content creator for other games this idea would be pretty neat, especially with the steam workshop being avaliable. This would be a long term goal since there are obviously much more important things to be worked on right now but I just wanted to see others opinions on things such as mods and user created content, even more so to see if the developers would support user created content.


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The developers have said that they are all for mod support. I think I remember hearing them say in a stream something along the lines of "We want to make the game awesome first though."

I think they rightly don't want their game to depend on mods, especially this early.

That said, I'd love to see some type of world generator in-game. I'd absolutely love to fiddle with some settings and churn out cool planets to play on—reminds me of SimCity 2000's terrain editor where you could set a slider for trees and water and mountains and hit a button to randomly generate a map.

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