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i read the frequently asked features and I didn't see what I was thinking about, even if it is not a huge deal but, it would be very, very cool if there were another module named space shuttle platform or something, made only for the spaceship, so it would not go on the vehicle bay.


I love this game and when i see everything that is already said as "we know this, we are going to make it", i am soooo excited. I can't wait new updates , this game has so much potential. I love it, continue system era ???

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@sKudd sorry you could not find it, but rest assured the dedicated landing platform has been suggested many times, and the devs are aware. 

My idea for how it could work:  When the vehicle bay prints a shuttle or spaceship, a special type of beacon is included called the LZ Beacon.  It would be attached to one of the fuel canister receptacles or any of the open slots.  Naturally it's removable and could be carried in your backpack like a normal beacon.  So wherever you decide to place that beacon, it becomes a dedicated landing zone... and that beacon would only allow that specific ship to land there.

So  how would this work if you wanted multiple landing zones on each planet?  Glad you asked.  There would be a new type of module for your base that you would spend research bytes to unlock. The purpose of this module would be to clone the original LZ Beacon.  The naturally occurring landing zones would still be on each planet of course. 

What about situations where there may be several ships, in both single & multiplayer games?  There would be a scanner incorporated into each ship.  So when you're in orbit of a planet, if any LZ Beacons matching your ship are detected, they will be displayed like the naturally occurring landing zone markers.  Similar to normal beacons, when you place your LZ Beacon you would choose a color or some other way to distinguish it from the natural blue colored landing zones.

Now, if the devs implement manual flight capabilities for shuttles & spaceships, then landing zones as we know them currently would no longer be needed.  However I suspect they would keep the landing zone mechanic for automated landings, even if manual flight gets added.

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