Idea Dump 1-10: Liquids, Aliens, Satellites, Networks, Acid Rain, and MUCH More

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  1. Satellites
    1. Satellites allow you to collect solar power from space, collect data (Research / Bytes), and make a Network.
  2. Command Module
    1. Allows you to connect with your satellite (Network connection needed)
  3. Networks
    1. Allows transfer of items and data from one connection to another. 
    2. Can be wired or wireless. 
    3. Crafting needs Power, Aluminum, Copper, Lithium, and/or Titanium. 
    4. Uses 1 unit of power for every 4 wired items moved 1 length. 
    5. One length is the max distance of tethers. 
    6. Wireless requires Satellite. 
    7. Different channels allow different things to be connected
    8. 2 or 4 channels / satellite. 
  4. Mods
    1. Allow players to make mods in the game. Pretty self explanatory. 
  5. Hosting
    1. System Era Official Server Hosting. 
    2. 24/7 multiplayer servers allow for faster Research
  6. Acid Rain
    1. Must dig underground to survive. Sitting in a seat will still slowly kill the player. 
  7. Backpack Storage (Small Storage)
    1. Takes up 2 Slots and gives 4 Slots of storage. Can be applied on a rover, platform, or backpack. 
  8. Liquids
    1. Water on earth. Must drink water to survive. Water can all be found in ice, looking similar to the oxygen pellets in the ground. 
  9. Food
    1. Find food in plants (where organic is), or make a farm. Must eat to survive. 
  10. Aliens / NPCs
    1. Have Factions / NPCs that are like Players. They carry items, you can give/take (trading), have their own habitats, and you can kill them with weapons (once and if added to the game )
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  1. Truck Rover (Huge Rover)
    1. Holds 6 double Slots (2 more than the large rover) and has 6 wheels
  2. Semi Truck Rover (Giant Rover)
    1. Holds 12 double Slots, and has 10 wheels
    2. Separable cab and trailer
  3. Roads
    1. Flat black platforms / items that can slant upward or downward a little bit. 
    2. Allows for more stable driving
  4. Pathways
    1. Smaller roads meant for people. 
    2. Allows for more slant.
    3. Also flat
  5. Artifacts / Crash Site Items
    1. Allows you to craft rare items like satellites and such but only found at crash sites. 
  6. Segways / Personal Vehicles
    1. Small vehicles that look like powered skateboards that provide fast transportation for one person. 
  7. Hovercrafts
    1. Vehicles that use more power but hover over the ground, allowing for less bumpy rides and faster speeds. 
  8. Bandaids & Longer Healing Times
    1. Slower automatic healing but have bandaids made of resin, organic, and compound that will instantly heal a person by a certain amount. 
  9. Hover trains / maglevs
    1. Hovercrafts that are a long chain and run on train tracks to allow for major item and person transportation. 
  10. Train tracks & Train charging wire / tether
    1. Tracks that trains run on. Use tether or track wire to constantly charge the hover train for non-stop movement, providing the source has enough power. 
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