Lost body after dying AND buried nut disappearing


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Hi there!
Right to the first point: a storm was approaching and caught me by surprise. I rushed to the habitat, but just when I clicked TAB, a rock hit and killed me.
My character's body was in front of the open door, as if it was inside the habitat but the sequence made it get out. When I respawned, it wasn't there nor anywhere. I am a little sad since I just had built myself my first oxygen tank and of course I lost it.
Here's a screencap, in which now I notice the items* in my backpack are missing (except the ones on top).  *Items were only some Organics, Tethers and a Tank.f219252d7525239371f7bd055b79c169.jpg

Second one: I am not sure it is a bug or just works that way.
I dug holes to keep my nuts and materials from flying away. So, making the nuts' hole bigger, I realized it was too deep and added some ground to the bottom, burying one nut by accident. I quickly dug it but it wasn't there anymore. It was in a matter of seconds, but left me confused.

Both happened within a couple minutes, on Steam.

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