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1. A Build Mode

2. Angles for base expansions

3. connecting base expansions


1. everyone had that one time where you wanted to pick up something from a base expansion or did something else that would cause it to build one of the expansion blueprints. So why not add a Build mode, which could be activated via a key (for example "B") and only in that mode you would be able to expand or build sturctures, this would also meake the little annoying connectors disappear that follow your camera all the time.

2. another thing is getting bases nice and straight, which is about impossible because for some reason the Camera decides where you expand the base. So you have to line up the Camera in a perfect 180°, 90° or 45° angle manually, which mostly doesn't work. so why not make the base Expansion work wehere you point your cursor at and make it snap automatically in angle steps you choose yourself. for example you want to make it snap into 90° Angles all the time, so the first expansion from the pod can be done in any angle but any following will always be in some multiple of the set 90°.  This works great together with the Build mode idea.

3. The fact that i cannot connect 2 existing base expansions to make a fancy grid


That'll be all for now.

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