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Unusual camera behaviour

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Summary: 0.4.10223.0 - steam - camera moves unexpectedly


Description: when exiting a vehicle, or entering one, and even sometimes while driving, the camera moves to a position in front of the player and then changes back.


Steam / XBox One / Windows 10 Store

Version / Build Number: 0.4.10223.0


  • OS: Windows 10 pro
  • CPU: Intel core i7 3770k
  • GPU: Nvidia Geforce gtx 1070
  • RAM: Corsair ddr3 8x4 1333mhz
  • Drive: Samsung SSD 840 pro series

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I'm getting something a little different when operating the crane, I'll start drilling and after about 8 to 12 seconds, the camera will begin to slowly change it's position by itself. So I have to constantly re-position the camera back to where I had it.

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