Sebastian Goslin

Large Rover train stuck in orbit.

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I created a 3 rover train on Barren and needed to get some supplies from Terran. So I went back got them and launched back to barren, however I couldn't find my rover train I figured it was a rendering issue and waiting a bit but still couldn't find them. Until I happened to look up. IMG_4566.thumb.PNG.89e22f617a714203affebb6606f80df2.PNG


Not sure what to do at this point 

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1. I guess they have a certain x, y, z in the game. Then the planet moves but they don't...

If that's the case you have to wait until the planet has come back to almost that same point you left it, and the trucks might be back where they belong...

2. What I've seen is trucks stop moving when you are far enough away from them.

You have to make a very long bridge up there, as soon as you are close enough they will start falling down.

I hope you like a challenge... ;-) Got Tethers??

3. Perhaps the chairglitch still works, you go up there, jump out and jump into your truck..

It sucks but this might be one of those 'sometimes hilarious' from the text when you start the game... 

Good luck anyway. ;-)

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