Advanced Living Dome Module IDEA

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I am attaching an image, with the concept laid out in a type of crude blueprint. :D

I apologize for the multiple images, i over estimated the amount of space I could write on, 

and still get a viable scan. lol Ok so a basic explanation of the IDEA. I saw the suggestion on

a Personal Home, this is a different take on that, and more of a communal living and light work

area protected from storms and the like. As the present Modules exist, once you gain the platform

creation option in the 8 node module, where you choose RESEARCH etc, Add Dome.

- This Dome would have a door, and ability to spread more halls to other Dome expansions, so you

could have Bedding to pass the night or day (depending when you sleep) - The Dome would have 

Building Nodes with in it that can be morphed into BUNKS, Grow Stations (where one could say grow

organics or even rares, perhaps planting marbles? :) ) in the center, a table zone that can be material

storage, or built into an area or space / planet map table, or even a control module for satellites. :D

Just throwing this out there, I know there is a ton of suggestions and I like them all, minus the lowering or

nerfing the difficulty, changing of the oxygen rules. (I feel these risks are the main challenge to the game

and should remain unchanged). Creatures? Hmm it opens a whole different experience. 

- I read through and did searches on this and did not see any expansion modules such as this Dome idea.





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Oh, I would love the idea of dome building. though that it may conflict with the upcoming modularity system, I would still like to add an idea of my own. Here's another of my "less crude than before" illustration of it


Another thing is a user by the name of captainshall, previously modeled a suggestion for modular habitat, built piece by piece in a triangular dynamic placement system.

Here is a picture of it that I kept, I would link you to the post, but I saw that the gallery has been removed from imgur



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37 minutes ago, Lithium said:

though that it may conflict with the upcoming modularity system

I was thinking it would be a platform OBJECT, removing the MORPHING tool. So you choose to make a DOME, then the 8 node platform builder becomes a MOUNT. If you want, you can pick it off of the MOD Platform, and it returns to its regular state. And you move the Dome to another 8 node Module (which is the one that is asking to be MORPHED- i.e. Smelter-vehicle Bay-etc. So with the moving Modular devices, it would act one in the same, as described in that update request. (Which  am happy to see they are on track with from what the conversations reveal). Then the inside of the DOME, is then a 4 nodes (Each a Module) around the walls for Morphing in BUNKS-Storage Closets etc. THen the middle a 6 node (Module) table with its own morphs- or use the individual nodes for storage racks. MORPHS could be Satellite controls- Area, and Planet Maps, a large Storage unit, a growing terrarium platform etc. Beds and lockers could be morphed along the walls, the entrance is a ramped airlock- and the clear tops will be mandatory with present camera controls, or offer top off once the unit is entered. Love the idea's. The new triangle shape building concept looks fun too! Who knows where the player winds blow! :D Thank you for all the sweet insider research data! I appreciate it! 

- Smile, Research and Keep Building and Exploring! 

ASTRONEER (Game Preview).png

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Ooooh this one you're gonna want for a long time, fellas, because you're out in the cold of space, alone, and oh how much you want back home. Oh how cold and lonely it is out there. You're just gonna keep wanting, because it ain't happening.


Edit: You're gonna need that intergalactic communications station and space ship to travel back home to the warmth of the inside.

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just want to add my very definite approval to the idea of an extended and/or more adaptable living base environment. yes, domes would be cool.

it's always rather irritated me that these worlds are littered with space debris which you should really be able to salvage and utilise in some way - if we could 'collect' these bits and link them into our base in a meaningful way, they could provide us with domes, living quarters, storage space, power generation, enhanced vehicles... it's a missed opportunity in my book.

i'm also getting behind the idea of launching your base (or part of it) into orbit and using shuttles to move to and from different spots on the planet. smart thinking would have special services ONLY available from a space station, such as types of manufacture, or more favourable trade rates. one idea would be to get rid of interplanetary flight altogether, and have the building of a larger space craft in orbit, with a one-shot 'habitat pod launcher' on it. this takes you to a new world where you are forced to start again 'fresh', or at least with only what you can put in your backpack. you build a base, dig up and refine some stuff, make a shuttle for same-planet and orbit jaunts, build and launch your orbital base - your arrival ship is still there, and it automatically docks with the new base. you can refit it and launch to another world. to me, that seems like a totally natural extension of the existing astroneer mechanic.


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Maybe at some point you could have a wreckage scanner..... Go out and scan crashed Space Debris and get a value reading.... if the scanner states Useable you could hook up to a Ex  Large Rover or Slinky the Pet Space Snail and Haul the Module back to base to repair....... once the unit is affixed to base you could go out and salvage bits from the same style Wreck amd repair a % of its value.

"Come on Slinky..... Put you Shell into it we got to get this back to base before the next storm......"

Slinky responds "Gleeeekekeke Glocketete Gleeeeeeel" All excited and after a half dozen AstroSnacks Rips the Space Wreck loose and charges in a slime smeared path back to base Eye Stalks all a Gleam"


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