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This IDEA does not need images or pictures to explain. = MODULE MANAGEMENT =  I encountered an issue, where my modules once expanded began to pinch one another in, and one even spawned under a full platform where it could barely be reached. My suggestion would be perhaps, OPEN BACK BACK to trigger a MODIFY MODULE reticle, maybe with combined keypress (example left and right trigger, while targeting a module, perhaps highlights RED to warn you, you are modifying your platform). Then an option to MOVE the MODULE out of the way for better placement, or deconstruct It, for a return of materials. 

I love the game! I have several more suggestions and idea's that could add a massive expansion option, and perhaps lure more people to bring their friends in for the fun! The idea and concept, as well as the delivery is amazing and has kept me going in 12 hour stints! Oh my!


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