Sinkhole. What is this I don't even

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So I maned to get my rover stuck. 3 Rover train. tire wouldn't move. Got out. Fell into a pit. As in, I appeared below the hole, in the cavern.

Worked my way back up (already explored area, followed tethers...)

Tried to fill hole up. The rover got buried. Unburryed it. The hole got bigger, whole front rover was dangling in.

Moved my chair to the opposite side. Couldn't get enough force. Turned out, new back rover fell fully into the hole and the connector was phazing through the edge of the hole.

Tried to move around to the other side. Lost traction. Now I have two rovers in the hole, dangling down.......


So yea... Be careful around holes.


My next plan is to try and get them all down here and try and drive out. Hopefully I won't run out of power doing so...

Astroneer Rappling.....png

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Would be nice if you could build directly off a truck without using a habitat.. like you can with the shuttle.  Then you could fall in holes on purpose, build a base, light the world up..and dig more holes.

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Just occurred to my mind: Could the winch be used here? It can be used to move huge solar panels simply by attaching the hook into a large object and then by holding the winch in hands. Large objects follow as if they had no weight at all.

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The easiest way is to just build a flat surface just below lowest truck, then a ramp up to surface.  Then just disconnect 2 of the trucks, stick a seat on one and drive them out, run back with seat drive the other 2 out.  Problem solved.

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