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1. Science-based learning
Given its function, the Mineral Extractor seems inspired by centrifuges in biochemical research.
When using these devices, the symmetrical placement of tubes to the center is critical in balancing centrifugal forces, which can become quite strong at high spinning speeds.

When the containers of the Mineral Extractor are filled, there is no such symmetrical arrangement.
As the Mineral Extractor has a total of 8 slots in the centrifuge, a symmetrical arrangement can be achieved with either 2, 4, 6 or 8 filled tanks.

Here is a picture of symmetrical placement of tubes within a centrifuge:

-> Suggestion 1: Limiting the possible yield of the Mineral Extractor to 2, 4, 6 or 8 resources from one spin and changing the filling pattern of tanks from a continuous to a symmetrical one.
Also, the tanks should be tilted outwards while spinning in order to balance centrifugal and gravitational forces. (Also seen in the picture above)

2. Gameplay
In short, the possibility of extracting resources from soil strongly discourages exploration, and promotes the rather boring collection of soil.

-> Suggestion 2: Certain items are consumed with each usage. Such an item could be a chemical reactant which is created in the (Hydrazine) refinery.

- because each usage of the Mineral Extractor then consumes a certain resource (that is not extracted itself), exploration is still promoted.
- also, the refinery can then be used for more than only the production of Hydrazine.
- possibly, players could discover multiple different chemical reactants by combining resources in the refinery, which then filter different resources out of soil in the Mineral Extractor.
- however, I also suggest to limit the output of the Mineral Extractor to basic resources such as Resin, Compound, Organic and Oxygen in order to keep the more rare resources special.

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