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Alright, so we know that medium to late game, storage can be an issue, you'll be mining and you'll just accumulate tons of stuff without even trying.
So far currently we have a few storage options but nothing that can really handle the vast amount of random junk we can amass. 
I know that there are possibly more variants of storage possibly planned for the future of Astroneer, but I have several ideas for storage.

1. Stackable Pallets
As we have warehouses around the world with storage pallets filled with goods for transport, I figure you could possibly do the same with medium storage units when joint to a baseplate or on the ground itself, of course there being a limit to how many you can 'snap' on top of one-another, but nonetheless, possible by slightly modifying the standard medium storage.

2. Quantum Storage/Digital Storage
I imagine this to take up a full space like any regular facility you can construct, but you can place things into it, submit them, and it would get deconstructed and stored in this facility. 
It would take power to take things in, and to take things out, the cost of power would of course scale with how many things you put in and take out. I'm thinking 1 solid bar per item, so you could say, submit 8 items into it, similarly to the trade platform, and it would take that power, then it would have to repower, and you could on a seperate UI, request things to be taken out of the computer or whatnot at the same energy cost. However if the platform was destroyed with TNT or whatever, all 'data' of items would be lost permanently. One of the more complex ideas for storage I've had.

3. Off-World Warehouses
This would work in a similar fashion to suggestion #2, however it would rely on a probe much like the trade platform. And would require resources to upgrade to increase its capacity. 
Unlike suggestion #2 however, you could access this form of storage anywhere you had a platform to request these supplies. 

Perhaps ideas from each could be put into eachother, for instance you need bigger hard drives to store more and more things, for the computer, or you would need to load a pallet in order to send it off into space for deep space storage.
I'm just spitballing ideas but it would indeed be nice for some kind of 'en mass' storage solution other than building 500,000 large storage units to litter the landscape with. 

Feedback welcomed of course.

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