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This game screams play me with a gamepad but i find the xbox controller layout very cumbersome. Hopefully we'll be able to tweak it in the future (increase thumb stick sensitivity, alternative button layout) but i think it would benefit from some auto targeting features like a cursor selecting UI elements such as the arrows on the printer, the expansion points on the base, the start button the smelter etc. and allowing cycling through using shoulder buttons

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I had similar issues. Guessing this is the pre-alpha setup and it will get better.

The controls for an xbox controller are extremely convoluted and difficult. There are also strange things you expect to work that do not. For example, pressing B to close out of an action or using the d-pad to page through items. Other strange ones were the use of X instead of Y to enter a vehicle. Also was unable to navigate the settings for the PC version using a controller.

I think the main issue with the controls is there is awkward control layering going on.

1) Layer 1 - camera movement and player movement

2) Layer 2 - Trigger targeting movement, trying to emulate a mouse (eek)

Removing this layering will likely alleviate the issues. Perhaps use of auto-aim and lock on assist when mining minerals could as well.  

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