Support for Ultrawide Display / Surround Display

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I think it would be great for the game to correctly support widescreen displays (like 21/9 screens) or Surround/Eyefinity.

At the moment, when I chose my actual screen resolution (5760x1080) the game adjusts the Height of the screen to fit the image on the full width of the display (see attached screenshot (reduce to 1/3rd)).

It really improves the immersion to the game but at the moment makes the game rather unusable.


Thanks for this game anyway, it really enjoyable




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I am also using Eyefinty in 5760x1080 and until the last Update the game was more or less playable. Now there ist a problem with the size of the backpack: the buttons the craft-selection are out of sight...

I´d suggest an adaptive size of the backback...

Best wishes, Hardy.


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