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As we all know, we have polluted the planet that we call home in the real world and continue to ignore it to this day and it has definitely had some effect on it. i thought this was a feature in the game my first playthrough but it turned out to just be just the average storm, as the game went on and my base grew in size i felt like i experienced more and more storms, and i also started to feel like i was the one causing the increase in storms with my careless actions of just consuming everything for my personal benefit. i just think it would be awesome to have some kind of negative affect on the planet depending on a number of factors? i mean, i know that it would seem unlikely that one person could destroy a whole planet by himself, but the planets seem like a caricature of the realism of our world and maybe could teach a bigger lesson? this is just an idea that sounds cool in my mind. it would also give you some incentive to go green? be more careful in how much resources you use or destroy and what you do to the planet? and also make you relocate to another planet due to how dangerous it's become to live on? i don't know, again, this is just a little idea i had, and sounded really interesting. let me know what you think :D 

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