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Some ideas for the game, I've been playing on the xbox one Preview:


Being able to delete platforms you've built.

Being able to delete previous saves 

Being able to delete trees after you harvet their researchable material

Base Building:

Have a seperate building just for storage. Perhaps call it Cold Storage. 

Have a Library or Archive in which researched materials have names, descriptions, where to find them. This could also include planets and moon and what kind of dangers happen naturally there.


Make it so you can quick move items from inventory to a storage block. 


Have a Join Friends feature on the homescreen.

Those are just a few, I'll post more when i think of them. Keep on working on the game, It's awesome!


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Another thing would be to find better uses for Organic Material. Perhaps making the habitats cost the 2 compound they do now and 2 Organic Material

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11 hours ago, Embrace平 said:

I like the idea of a Library/Archive, I think it'd be super useful for users to be able to keep track of what they have researched, what they need to research or just what they have discovered in general.

Thanks Embrace, I do think it would be a really cool idea, especially for new gamers trying to learn about the game dynamics

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