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Vehicles, Power, Terrain, and Base Structures (And More)

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Bugs that can be seen in the video below:

If you click on a chair and hit tab at the same time you can fly.

If you click on a chair and hit tab while standing next to a chair on a vehicle then you are able to carry it as you drive

You cannot attach any items what so ever to the front or back of a small rover except for power blocks.

Research spawning must be changed. I have searched for hours in a cave and found 5-6 measly old research and traveled about 1000 meters in all directions and have found only 2 outside of said cave so it is very, very, very, very, very tedious to grow because I'm spending hours and hours a day to just find research so I can unlock some damn storage for example.

You cannot click on "holograms" to place materials when they are in your gun or your utility bar.

you cannot attach your car to the base structures at all, and the vehicle bay only when the hologram of the other vehicle is gone

batteries on a vehicle don't fill from other batteries or power blocks

power blocks do not power other batteries or buildings they are not attached to

base structures lowering and raising terrain that was flattened out prior to placing them down.

the name of the mineral will stay floating in the air even after all the resources have been collected

land mass floating in the air that I did not create not leave when carving out a space.

Sometimes when taking out your vacuum cleaner (hitting "e") your camera like offsets or jumps

Y=The car shakes when it is being charged up by the base.







Bugs that went un-recorded:

Tethers randomly falling over and disconnecting( never saw them fall only saw them fallen)

Tethers which did not have a blue line between them but still supplied oxygen(no power was transferred between them though)

One of my power blocks which I put on my car ran down to one little particle of power left then never dissolved no matter what I did

When the car dies of power it doesn't coast or drift like you'd expect it just basically stops as if you are hitting the brakes

To change directions you have to stop pushing what ever direction you were pushing and wait for the car to stop moving COMPLETELY before you can change otherwise it tries turning around in really bizarre ways


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